About Us

The Caffeinated Squirrel Team

Soooooo… the idea of a coffee truck came up one day when I (Richard) was in a rural area and early for an appointment waiting very impatiently. While waiting, I googled coffee shops hoping that something was close to help me kill time. Unbelievably, there was nothing! That evening when I got home, I knew that this was something I had to discuss with my wife Annette. She was excited about the idea as she loves coffee and was looking for a career change from the aviation industry anyway.

Just to add to the story, we were in the final phases of getting ready to build our house, complicating the whole situation even more. After discussing the idea with our two daughters who are in university, they agreed that this was something that needed to happen and gave us the thumbs up to go for it! Over the next couple of days, we began researching for competitors and made the final decision to put the house build on hold and create an interesting future for our family. The rest is a plan in action. We found the vehicle of choice and the fabricators to build our dream coffee truck (Brothers Fabrication) who are an amazing bunch of guys!

The name Caffeinated Squirrel when we as a family were driving and spit balling possible names. Soon enough “The Caffeinated Squirrel” was born! Now, nine months later, we are excited to grind and steam our way into the early part of 2020.

Like Everything In Life…NO RISK NO REWARD!

We are PROUD Albertans and are so excited for the opportunity to serve our local communities.

Old Caffeinated Squirrel  Coffee Van

The Journey

New Caffeinated Squirrel  Coffee Van

Business Motto

We believe in quality not quantity.

We believe if you do your best and go above and beyond hard work does pay off!

Running my other company for 24 years and still going strong is due to honest relationships with your customers, consistency, communication, quality products and service.

Don’t over promise and under deliver.

We have mandated that The Caffeinated Squirrel is all about offering a high quality product with exceptional service. Consistency and quality is what everyone deserves and we aim to please.

YOU the happy customer is our success!

A big thank you to these companies

Reaper Creations
Craig Morgan

A note to the above companies: We could not have started this journey without each of you, your hard work and attention to the details have made this dream a reality. We are so proud of the final product and want to thank each and every one of you!